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Advanced Computational Electricity Systems(ACES)



Computational Electricity Systems



is the design and implementation of computational algorithms and advanced software applications for control, operation, and management of electricity sytems at all scales ranging from bulk interconnections to residential systems.


Prof. Santiago Grijalva

Prof. Santiago Grijalva

Is the Georgia Power Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ACES Laboratory Director, and Strategic Energy Institute Associate Director for Electricity at The Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Grijalva is a leading researcher on power system operation, electricity markets, and smart grids. He is a pioneer in the areas of decentralized power system control, ultra-resilient future electricity grids, and Internet of Energy. Prior to joining Georgia Tech in 2009, he spent 10 years in the power industry, developing of commercial grade algorithms for real-time power system control, optimization, and visualization. He graduated with his M.Sc. and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999 and 2002, respectively.

Areas of Expertise:
Control and Management Architectures for Future Grid
Real-Time Power System Control, Operation and Computation
Decentralized Power Control Protocols and Electricity Operating Systems
Cyber-Physical Energy Systems and Formal Smart Grids
Prosumer-Based Energy Systems - Energy Internet
Electricity Markets and Industry Business Models
Renewable Energy Integration into the Grid



Prof. Grijalva’s official profile



ACES 'Laboratory


We are a multi-disciplinary group with background in the following areas:

  • Power Systems

  • Computer Science and Computing

  • Control Systems

  • Economics

  • Energy

  • Policy

Our research interests are broad, covering:

Real-time Control and Operation

Electricity Markets
Smart Grids

Computer Science Applications to Power
Renewable Energy Integration into the Grid
Electricity Policy and Business Models

We focus on

  • High-impact transformative research.

  • The “systems” problems of electrical power systems


Last revised on January, 2015